8. The Beginning of the End Pt. 2

July 17th, 2016

Do you ever have that moment.. that moment where you know you have to do something, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it?  Well that’s how I feel.. writing the end of my WJMC journey..

Maybe I should start where I left off.

It’s Thursday morning.  We all wake up feeling the same way we have all week, except today you can feel it.  You can feel the beginning of the sadness.  You can see it written across everyone’s faces.  You try to ignore it, but you can’t.

We eventually head over to the buses to depart to the Capitol.  I had drove by so many times, it didn’t even phase me.  We finally arrived and were rushed into what felt like hours worth of photos.

13709823_10157210136030241_6050209816341618262_n (1)here I am: 13709823_10157210136030241_6050209816341618262_n

When the photo-ups concluded, Amy and I ventured over to the Holocaust museum.  We had made the mistake of believing Michael when he said the walk was 15 minutes flat.  It was actually 34 minutes….  And with the heat that day, it felt even longer.


I don’t have much to say about the museum.  Nothing against it, I’m just ashamed of my German ancestry sometimes.  I guess it’s mainly because I’m not sure where my family stood there.  All I’d like to say is each person is handed a passport.  Inside is the life of someone who lived then.  You wait till the end of your time there to find out their faith.  I prayed extra hard in the beginning.  Thankfully, I had received the story of a woman whose family survived because of her husband’s profession.  Now if I recall correctly, he worked in the diamond industry.

giphy (12).gif

Later in the day, we returned to campus for a color group meeting before preparing for the Gala.  It was then we were told to start packing.  Something I dread doing.  I enjoy packing for the trip, but repacking to go home is a no no.

The Gala was defiantly exciting.  It was pleasing to finally let loose and have a good time with my new friends.  The music was on point and the dancing was stellar.  Everyone was so into it, we completely lost track of the time.  I, like most people, lost my voice due to the singing..well actually screaming.. the whole night.  Once we returned to campus, you could tell everyone was still wired and wanted to keep dancing.

For me however, that was the last thing on my mind.  The whole bus ride back, I thought of my future.  If you really know me, you know I always think about college and life in general.  Well half of my life, well half of my heart, is in DC.  It’s where my family really comes together.  It’s where I feel safe.  It’s where I feel most comfortable.  It’s where I feel excitement.  It’s where I feel free to be me.  This may sound like an exaggeration, but to me it isn’t.  Every time I leave DC, I feel like a part of me is gone.  Just sitting there waiting for me to come home.

It’s the next morning.  The final morning.  I can’t seem to pull myself out of bed.  Once again you feel what everyone is feeling.  Except today, there is no way around it.  You can feel the sadness.  You can feel the silence of your last breakfast at Southside together.  You can feel the rush of excitement during your last color group meeting because you can’t bring yourself to accept the thought.  You feel the pain in your heart as you hug your best friends for the last time.  You can feel yourself fighting back the tears as you look back at them and the campus you’ve called home.

giphy (8)

Finally, the closing ceremony starts and you give it your all in your last cheer.  Feeling more united than you ever had.  The final speeches are made and they make the announcement.  We are finally alumni.


Before I conclude, I feel I, and Elle Woods, must give an upcoming WJMC correspodnets some friendly advice.

  1. giphy (13).gif
  2. Don’t be afraid to make friends.  If you’re like me, you’ll make the best.52c9d170-11d7-0132-082e-0eae5eefacd9
  3. Try something new.  Trust me, it’s worth it.6359758825113317931640345245_what- like it's hard-
  4. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.  You’re here for a reason.tumblr_nuquzmIVFL1u9rycso1_500
  5. Dress to impress, ladies.


Now here I lay.  Home.  In my bed, safe and sound.  Alone.  Trying to type this through teary eyes.  Hoping my mother won’t hear me cry.  Once again I leave my heart in DC, however this time it will not only be in DC, it will find itself in California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Florida and every other state my friends belong to.  Thank you WJMC for the most amazing week of my life.  Especially my new best friends.

13718814_1143966742311081_5267954851572869969_n (1).jpg

This is Olivia, signing off until my next adventure.

xoxo, Livi



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